CCIC, Inc. is a Certified Fast Forword Provider in Cincinnati

Certified Fast ForWord® Provider Serving Cincinnati

Fast ForWord® products are based on over 30 years of scientific research into how the brain learns. Fast ForWord® programs actually build the learning capacity of the brain in children and adolescents. By applying neuroscience principles, these intensive computer-based programs strengthen memory, attention, processing and sequencing skills which are essential for academic learning and reading success. There is new pricing for FastForWord® programs and an expanded program format. Flexible payment plans are now available.

Home-Based Implementation Options

Cincinnati Center for Improved Communication, Inc. offers parents three options for home implementation of the Fast ForWord® Programs.

Option 1

  • Includes software license/subscription fee (plus sales tax) for two Language/Sound programs
  • Parent/coach training
  • Daily progress emails/progress monitoring
  • Phone/email support as needed

Option 2

  • Addition of Reading Programs for students who have completed the Language/Sound programs
  • Daily progress emails/progress monitoring
  • Phone/email support as needed

Option 3

  • Software license/subscription fee (plus sales tax) for all Language/Sound programs and Reading programs
  • Daily progress emails/progress monitoring
  • Phone/email support as needed
"When my son began Fast ForWord®, he was in first grade reading a little below first grade level. Now, at the end of second grade, he is reading between 4th and 5th grade level. The support I received with the program was excellent, and now he loves to read, and is one of the top readers in his class!!!"

What is the Fast ForWord® Series?

Scientific studies prove that we can improve brain fitness by exercising our brain through activities that improve learning and reading.

The Fast ForWord® program builds brain fitness through a series of frequent, adaptive computer exercises that simultaneously develop the key cognitive skills with timely motivation. It increases the ability to process information quickly and accurately, pay attention despite distractions, recall information that has been learned, and retain knowledge.

The software exercises are fun, but also rewarding, with built-in positive reinforcements. The exercises are customized to each student, adapting to the level of the student’s abilities and providing a challenging experience without frustration.

The Fast ForWord® LANGUAGE series for elementary students and the Fast ForWord® LITERACY series for adolescent students build foundational reading and language skills while improving memory, attention and processing Special Education and English Language Learners to successful learners in the general classroom.

The Fast ForWord® READING series – a reading intervention solution – increases processing efficiency and builds critical reading skills from their existing instructional approach.

Scientific Learning Corporation’s research shows that in using Fast ForWord® software, learners from pre-K to post-secondary levels have realized achievement gains of one to two years in as little as eight to twelve (8-12) weeks and have maintained an accelerated rate of learning even after the program ended.


Memory is essential for word recognition, comprehension of complex sentences and remembering instructions. Fast ForWord® software enhances working memory as well as short and long-term memory.


Attention is the ability to focus on information and tasks and ignore distractions. Fast ForWord® products are scientifically designed to improve both attention and focus.


Processing is the rate one is able to accurately process incoming information. In the context of reading, processing refers to how quickly one can distinguish speech sounds and identify letters and words to create meaning.


Sequencing is placing the detail of information in its accustomed order. In the context of reading, sequencing is the ability to determine the order of letters within words and words within sentences.

"My son's experience with Fast ForWord® has changed his life. He can now read at grade level and feel confident answering questions in class. I would recommend this program for any child who is struggling with reading. It is simply amazing!"