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Posted By viktoriyalakGreattmak on 2/1/2020
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Posted By OlegLoriebroarce on 1/30/2020

Posted By Josephlak on 1/13/2020
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Posted By Craig on 6/14/2019
Our eight year old daughter has a lazy Palate. We enrolled her into CCIC's therapy for this type of issue and have experienced a large positive affect. Our Orthodontist was amazed with the results!

Posted By Caroline on 6/4/2019
We moved from Columbus where our son under went speech therapy. Once we started using CCIC we saw more progress with our son in six months than in 18 months of work with the firm in Columbus. His relationship with his CCIC is invaluable.

Posted By Anna on 6/4/2019
our Son went through the Palate Exercises as recommended by our Dentist. I was skeptical at first but CCIC did an amazing job for our son! His teeth became straighter and we are very happy with the results.

Posted By Kim on 5/9/2019
Our son who attended Summit Country Day enrolled in CCIC's speech therapy sessions. Not only did CCIC help him with his speech but they also identified a cognitive issue. Very important for him because it allowed him to take more time on his SAT and ACT tests. Our son eventually went to Georgetown University,

Posted By Jeanne W on 3/17/2017
My grandson is seen for speech therapy at CCIC. We could not be happier. The staff is so friendly and helpful. My grandson has been seen by them for about four months now and is making great improvements. Thanks to Sharon and her wonderful team at CCIC!!