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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a condition of the brain that affects an individual’s ability to pay attention. It is a chronic disorder; the symptoms are pervasive, occurring in multiple settings.

An individual who is diagnosed with ADHD has difficulty concentrating, focusing and sustaining attention; planning, organizing and completing tasks on time are also difficult. An individual with ADHD may demonstrate poor self-regulation of behavior. They may seem unable to sit still, restless and fidgety and may bounce from one activity to the next. Such an individual often tries to do more than one thing at once.

An individual with ADHD typically exhibits difficulty in the area of working memory due to attention issues and lack of focus. This may manifest itself in reading comprehension problems and inability to remember directions or listen to class lectures and take notes for the school-age child or teenager. Outside of the classroom, attention deficits may impair ability to listen effectively during participation on a sports team or in general conversation with others. The individual’s tendency to be impulsive can at times lead to poor judgment in decision making.

Individuals may have an attention deficit disorder without the hyperactive component. Students who are diagnosed with ADD present as passive learners. They typically are not engaged during class and do not seek out information. They experience similar problems in terms of concentration, focus, sustained attention and working memory as students who have the added designation of hyperactivity.

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