We treat speech-language problems


Articulation disorders, or speech sound disorders, range from simple substitutions to multiple phonological process errors. Many children experience difficulty pronouncing specific sounds during their preschool and early elementary school ages.

Sound errors may be of several types:

  • Substitution of one sound for another, for example "w" for "r" or "th" for "s"
  • Deletion of sounds, particularly initial or final consonants, for example "bu" for "bus" or "es" for "yes"
  • Distortion of sounds, for example a fuzzy "s" or distorted "r"

Phonological process errors may include:

  • fronting (making back sounds at the front of the mouth – "tootie" for "cookie")
  • gliding (using a "w" for "l" or "r", for example "gwove" for "glove" or "twuck" for "truck")
  • cluster reduction (omitting one sound in a blend, such as "sool" for "school" or "tar" for "star")

By the age of 7 years to 8 years, children should be able to produce all speech sounds correctly. If errors persist, a diagnostic speech evaluation is indicated. The evaluation includes in-depth testing of all speech sounds in all contexts, stimulability for correct production or approximation, and an orofacial examination to determine structural adequacy of articulators. Typically a hearing screening is also completed.

If you have concerns regarding your child’s speech skills, the professionals at C.C.I.C., Inc. can help.

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