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Hearing loss is the third most common problem in the United States. Hearing loss can affect quality of life and relationships and can significantly impact a child’s development if not identified.

There are three levels of hearing loss:

  • Mild - The individual has no trouble with 1:1 conversation, but has difficulty hearing every word in the presence of background noise
  • Moderate – The individual often needs to ask others to repeat during face to face conversation as well as telephone conversations
  • Severe – The individual finds it almost impossible to follow a conversation without the assistance of a hearing aid

Advanced age is the most common cause of hearing loss. Research reveals that one out of every three individuals aged sixty-five to seventy-four has some level of hearing loss. Exposure to noise and genetic factors can contribute to decreased hearing ability. Certain medications can also affect aspects of hearing ability, especially hearing acuity and balance. In addition, certain illnesses, trauma and infection may result in a loss of hearing.

Hearing loss symptoms include difficulty understanding phone conversations or speech when there is background noise. The individual may complain that others are mumbling or not speaking clearly, and frequently ask others to repeat themselves.

Hearing loss in children is frequently associated with middle ear infection, or serous otitis media, which can significantly reduce hearing acuity. Treatment with antibiotics typically resolves the infection and hearing returns to normal. Persistent episodes of otitis media may necessitate the placement of pressure equalization tubes to prevent continued infections and resulting fluctuations in hearing acuity.

C.C.I.C., Inc. professionals complete a hearing screening as a routine part of each evaluation. Should an individual fail the hearing screening and recheck, referral to the primary care physician is made for follow up with an audiologist or ENT.

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