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Language-based learning disabilities are characterized by problems with age-appropriate reading, spelling and/or written language skills. Because of the nature of language development, most children who experience reading problems have receptive or expressive language deficits. Dyslexia is a disorder in which the individual has trouble almost exclusively with the written or printed word. The child who has dyslexia as part of a larger language learning disability has trouble with both the spoken and the written word.

The difficulties for individuals with language-based learning disabilities encompass the entire continuum of language development. In terms of receptive language skills, the individual typically experiences difficulty learning the alphabet, vocabulary terms, and math times tables. Recalling numbers in sequence, understanding information and following directions that are presented orally, and reading and comprehending material also prove difficult. An inability to express ideas clearly and an increased use of non-specific terms such as “stuff” and “things” or filler words are common. Spelling skills may be poor due to issues with identification of sounds that correspond to letters and mixing up the order of letters in words while writing.

Students with language disabilities experience difficulty distinguishing important from unimportant information, identifying how to organize information meaningfully, relating information to a limited range of background experiences, remembering large quantities of information, and analyzing information to arrive at conclusions and solve problems found in academic tasks.

School age children with language problems are often not proficient readers and writers. A difference in style and complexity of language is initially encountered at the fourth grade educational level, and increases throughout subsequent grades. For these students, it is necessary to help make the leap from conversation to higher-level school language, and assist in the application of learning principles that underlie effective studying.

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