We treat speech-language problems


Learning disabilities are sometimes called dyslexia or language-based learning disabilities. Dyslexia is a reading problem. The term language-based learning disability shows the strong connection between spoken language (speaking and listening) and written language (reading, writing, and spelling).

A child with learning disabilities may have some of the following language problems:


  • Has difficulty understanding questions or following directions
  • Finds it hard to learn new words from school and books
  • Doesn’t remember details from a story or from class
  • Has trouble understanding some hand gestures or facial expressions
  • Has trouble telling time


  • Has trouble saying what he thinks
  • Uses vague words like “thing” or “stuff”
  • Makes up and mispronounces words
  • Has a hard time saying numbers in order, like telephone numbers and addresses
  • Has problems learning words to songs and rhymes


  • Doesn’t know or confuses letters and numbers
  • Has problems learning the alphabet
  • Doesn’t sound out words
  • Doesn’t show much interest in stories or books
  • Has trouble reading out loud and understanding when reading


  • Mixes up the order of letters in words
  • Mixes up the order of numbers for math
  • Makes a lot of spelling mistakes
  • Doesn’t like writing
  • Has trouble rereading and correcting his work

C.C.I.C., Inc.’s professionals test how your child speaks, understands, reads, writes, and spells to determine if your child has language problems that are leading to learning problems in school. We use what your child is learning in class to work on goals. Your child’s textbooks and assignments can be used to help with reading, writing, and practicing for oral reports. We work closely with your child’s teacher to coordinate efforts and facilitate carryover of skills.

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