We treat speech-language problems


Individuals who do not speak English as their native language or who have learned language in an area of the United States that has a strong regional dialect may wish to reduce the accent/dialect pattern in their speech. Communication issues for such individuals may include the need for frequent repetition and/or clarification for the listener or the listener’s misunderstanding of the messages they are trying to get across. Individuals in the workplace may seek accent/dialect reduction to improve performance and communication on the job.

Our work with patients who exhibit non-standard dialect patterns often includes articulation (sound production) remediation, elements of voice therapy (intonation, stress, rate and phrasing), and elimination of grammatical differences between the dialect and standard non-regional speech.

The initial diagnostic consultation allows for phonetic analysis of the patient’s speech which in turn serves as the basis for determining specific therapy goals. Individual sessions are scheduled weekly supplemented with home practice materials to be completed between appointments. Typically a minimum of six months’ intervention is needed to achieve improvement in use of standard non-regional speech.

C.C.I.C., Inc. utilizes a variety of programs to tailor intervention to meet the specific needs of each individual seeking to reduce the accent or dialect pattern in their speech. Call the main office to receive additional information or to schedule a consultation.

Call our main office central intake number to schedule an appointment. 513-771-7655