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A voice disorder may affect one or more of the aspects of vocal production including vocal quality, vocal volume, vocal pitch/intonation and resonance. Voice disorders may be due to physiological or functional causes. A frequent voice disorder found in children, adolescents and adults is dysphonia caused by vocal cord nodules.

Vocal cord nodules are benign growths on the vocal cords caused by vocal abuse. Vocal nodules can be compared to a callous that you may develop on your finger from the act of writing. The development of nodules on the vocal cords means that the cords do not meet along their entire length when the cords vibrate to make sound. The tiny space created by the nodules allows air to rush through resulting in a vocal quality that sounds hoarse or breathy. Chronic overuse of the voice, use of a loud voice, yelling or screaming, making noises with the voice, constant throat clearing or excessive singing can lead to the development of vocal nodules.

Disorders of vocal volume may occur due to diagnosis of a disease such as Parkinson’s Disease or due to partial paralysis of a vocal cord. In the absence of a physical concomitant, vocal volume may be decreased due to shyness or fear of speaking to groups.

Vocal pitch and intonation disorders result in speech that is too low or too high or that is monotone. Regional and foreign accents may also be perceived as a vocal intonation disorder since such speech patterns differ from the Standard Non-Regional Dialect pattern that is accepted in television and radio reporting and in the business arena.

Vocal resonance is the vibration of sound in the cavities of the vocal tract. Abnormal vibration results in resonance or nasality that is either too little or too much. These conditions are commonly referred to as hyponasality or hypernasality. Such voice deviations may be due to medical conditions such as allergies or congestion or to insufficient closure during phonation.

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